What is Core Aeration?

What is aeration

Aerations are an important part of keeping warm season lawns healthy during the growing season. There are two types of aeration that can be performed. The spike aeration punches holes in ground. These holes do not last as long as the plug aeration. Plug aeration pulls plugs of soil from the ground that are 2 to 3 inches long. This form of aeration lasts longer and produces the best results. It is proven that warm season lawns that are aerated annually are healthier and fuller. Aeration combined with weekly maintenance, proper watering and fertilization is a winning strategy for having a Beautiful Lawn!

Aeration Benefits

  • Improves air, water and fertilizer intake into the soil Reduces water runoff and puddling.
  • Reduces compaction of soil especially in high traffic areas Improves drought tolerance.
  • Allows roots to grow deeper and stronger.

Aeration Frequency

  • It is recommended that you aerate one time during the growing season of warm season grasses.
  • For high traffic areas multiple aerations may be needed to alleviate compaction.

Aeration Timing

  • The best time to aerate is when the grass is actively growing May thru June. Aerations can be performed anytime April thru August.
  • But it is not recommended during times of drought and extreme temperatures if the lawn cannot be watered.

Post Aeration

  • An aeration can be unsightly with the plugs laying all over your lawn. This is only temporary as the plugs will naturally break down over the next few weeks with rain or regular watering. Plugs can be raked up or mowed over with your lawn mower. However, it is not recommended that you mow over the plugs. They can dull your mower blades.

Atlanta Landscape and Fertilization is here to help with all your aeration needs.  Please contact us at (844) 369-8873 to set up a consultation.


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