What Are the Benefits of Proper Tree and Shrub Care?

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Shrubs are a sight to behold on your landscape, but they are also a usual sanctuary to destructive insects like aphids, Birch leafminer, Bronze birch borer ants, termites, etc. Shrubs can also be infected with fire blight, leaf spot, powdery mildew, cankers, or root rots. The occurrence of insects and diseases in the shrub impairs the normal state of the plant and interrupts its growth and functions.

And because of this, the shrubs need proper care and maintenance to keep them healthy and maintain their beauty.

The Proper Shrub Care

Shrub care and maintenance can be a tough job, especially if you do not have enough skill and knowledge. Instead of helping the plant, it may harm if not correctly done. To assure safe and proper care for your shrub, you must do some of the appropriate care.

  • Pest Control – getting rid of those pests in the shrubs has to be done with extreme care and expertise. Always know the proper application of those pesticides, the amount, and the proper pesticides or chemicals that you apply.

Different types of pests have appropriate chemicals used in the extinction of pests. Know that some pests are resistant to a chemical type, and thus you must apply the right pesticide to it. Know the proper application and the appropriate time of pesticide application.

  • Pruning – Use the proper pruners in pruning a shrub. Use a hand pruner when pruning smaller branches. While for branches with about an inch or two in diameter, long-handled loppers are used for pruning.

When pruning a shrub, be sure to remove the thickest branch first, cut at the base to promote new and healthier growth.

  • Leaf Removal – always check for the health and vibrancy of the leaves. Remove any discolored, dead, or wilted leaves. You can pinch the leaves or use hand-held pruners for dense bush leaves.
  • Weed Control – weeds compete with the available nutrients of the plants. Thus, remove them regularly so that the plant’s normal growth will not be disturbed.
  • Fertilizer Application – plants need balanced nutrients for healthy growth; thus, if the soil lacks the necessary nutrients, it must be compensated with fertilizers. You can use organic or synthetic, but what’s important is you have the right knowledge on the proper application and the appropriate fertilizer to use.

Why Do Proper Shrub Care?

Giving all the proper care to your plants provides the best benefit that you and the plants will enjoy like:

  • Better Plant Performance

Plants will profusely bloom, provide greener leaves and even bloom longer when given proper care and nutrition.

  • Enhances the life of plants

Plants generally live longer, but it would deter their growth and die early without proper care.

  • Protect Plants from Insects and Disease

Your plant will be protected from insects and diseases if given the proper attention and the appropriate care needed.

Best Shrub Care with ALF Lawn & Pests Solution

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