Should I Fertilize Before Weed Control?

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There are many things to remember when keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful. Knowing the correct order to weed and fertilize your plants is one of those things. When tending your lawn, always remember to do weed control first before fertilizing. You don’t want to be wasting money on lawn products and then find that your plants are dying because they haven’t been appropriately applied.

Why Is Weed Control and Fertilizer Important?

When you spot weeds on your lawn, it’s important to remove them immediately. Weeds compete with other plants for water, nutrients, space, sunlight, and even air. When a weed grows in an area where there are no other plants around, it can take over the soil and prevent the growth of plants.

Moreover, fertilizer can also help plants grow faster and stronger by providing nutrients. They are essential for all plants, especially those growing in shady areas. Without fertilizer, your plants will not have enough food to produce flowers, fruits, and leaves. As a result, the lawn will look dull and unhealthy. The same goes for weed-control products – without them, weeds may grow out of control.

Weed Control Before Fertilization

If you notice any weeds sprouting up on your lawn, you should apply weed control products and remove them immediately. This step is necessary before using any type of fertilizer. Any bare spots in your lawn should be tilled to ensure no weed seeds are left behind. Afterward, wait until the weeds have died off completely before using the herbicide or spray product.

You should perform weed control before fertilization because weeds can absorb some of the nutrients from the fertilizer. The nutrients will be taken away from the desired plants if this happens. In addition, if the weeds are still alive, they can cause damage to your lawn by breaking down the soil.

When to Fertilize

After removing weeds and performing weed control, it’s time to fertilize your soil. However, remember to wait for at least a week after weed control before fertilizing. It allows your soil to absorb any weed control products you’ve applied.

The best time to fertilize your lawn is when it’s not under any stress. It shouldn’t be subjected to harsh heat or frost, but this can vary depending on the grass species. Since fertilizers are essential to your lawn’s health, they should be applied at least four times a year. Most professionals recommend fertilizing during the fall, winter, or spring seasons. Fertilization during the summer is usually not beneficial because the rainwater tends to wash the nutrients away.

Fertilization and Weed Control at ALF Lawn & Pest Solutions

Taking care of the lawn can be tedious, but ALF Lawn & Pest Solutions is here to help. Our team offers fertilization, weed control, and other services to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. We’re here to provide quality lawn care and pest management that lasts throughout the years. For more information about our services, call us today at 844-369-TURF.

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