Mosquito Season is Here!

Mosquito on finger

We get several inquiries this time of year from people looking for answers on how to eliminate mosquitos.  The honest answer is that unless the State of Georgia just went out on an outright mosquito fogging quest through the entire state, we’re all doomed to get bit at some point throughout the summer.  The good news is we can take steps to help deter the mosquitos from being an outright nuisance.

If you’re not someone that cares to subscribe to a pest control plan for some reason or another, there are some products out there that can help deter them from your lawn.

Citronella Candles are available at most grocery stores.  We’ve also inserted a DIY link if you like the more natural approach.  The candles provide some relief to your immediate area.  From 1-10, the effectiveness is roughly a 3.  If the composition of the chemical is strong enough and the flame is steady, you’ll see relief in a 5-10 foot radius around the candles.

Ultrasonic Mosquito Traps are available at most of your Home Depots and Lowe’s.  We’ve provided a link so you can see the product.  They are designed to attract mosquitos so you don’t want to place them near the area you’re occupying.  From 1-10, the effectiveness is roughly a 5.  They do a decent job at capturing the mosquitos that fly around them but the downside is they don’t do much for the mosquitos flying around you.

Bat Houses are probably the best DIY alternative to keeping mosquitos out of your yard.  A single bat can eat up to 1000 mosquitos per night and even in a small bat house up to 20 bats could be living in it.  They fly around all night and eat as many as they can.  From 1-10, the effectiveness is roughly a 7.  They eat so many in a night they can keep the mosquito population quite manageable in a small yard.  The downside is that proper conditions have to exist for bats.  You need a very tall tree, south facing exposure to sun, and a water source within a 1000 feet so bats are encouraged to inhabit the house.

If you need professional help, ALF provides a mosquito program that’s more effective than the DIY or natural alternatives that are out there.  From 1-10, our products have an effectiveness of a 9.  We are able to attack the existing mosquitos and the habitats of the adults and larvae.  So we’re not just attacking the mosquito that’s present.  We’re attacking the entire life cycle which typically gives our customers around 28 days of total relief per application.  We recommend a succession of 6 applications from April through October to keep you mosquito free through the summer.  Our products are also not harmful to pollinators if that might be a concern of yours.  The only reason that we feel our products don’t reach a 10 out of 10 is that some environments reduce the effectiveness of the product.  Heavily wooded, overgrown, and/or water saturated areas can often provide too many habitats for the adult mosquitos and their larvae than it is possible to cover.  In these cases, we may need to consider a customized program in conjunction with other traditional methods to optimize the effectiveness of a satisfactory mosquito program.

If you have any questions or you are in need of help with mosquitos, please feel free to contact us at (844) 369-TURF (8873).  We’ll be happy to help in any way that we can.

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