Is Core Aeration Necessary?

Aeration with a scarifier. Lawn thatcher in action

Many things go into maintaining a lush and green lawn. From the proper amount of water to fertilizer, taking care of your yard requires a great deal of time and energy. Keeping a healthy property also means ensuring enough oxygen in the soil. It is where core aeration comes in.

Core aeration is a method of increasing the air space in the soil to guarantee that your lawn receives enough oxygen. If you want to learn more about core aeration for your lawn, keep reading.

What Is Core Aeration?

Core aeration is a process used to increase the amount of air space in the soil. It involves digging up cores from the ground, removing them, and replacing them with new ones. There are different types of core aerators today, ranging from manual to electric options. Various tools have their benefits and drawbacks, so it’s best to get advice from a professional before choosing one.

Why Should You Do It?

Core aeration increases the air space in the top layer of soil. It allows roots to grow and thrive. Your grass will be healthier and more vigorous than ever when this happens. You may ask yourself, “Is core aeration even necessary for my lawn?” The short answer is yes, and here are some reasons why:

1. Increase Water Retention

A healthy lawn needs the proper amount of water to survive. Without enough air space, your lawn won’t absorb as much water as it should. It leads to root rot and other issues. However, your yard has access to more oxygen with core aeration, allowing it to retain moisture better.

2. Improve Your Grass’ Growth Rate

Grass that doesn’t have enough oxygen grows slower than usual. It takes longer for the plant to complete its life cycle because it isn’t receiving enough nutrients. A healthy lawn needs all of the nutrients it can get from mulch, fertilizer, and watering. By improving the air space in your soil through core aeration, you ensure that your grass gets everything it needs for optimal growth.

3. Reduce Pest Infestations

You never want pests like weeds or insects to take over your yard. Core aeration helps keep these pesky creatures at bay by providing more room for plants to grow. Weeds tend to germinate faster when the soil isn’t well-aerated. They may even survive longer in poorly aerated soil. So, by making sure your soil gets enough oxygen, you’ll keep weeds and other infestations at bay.

4. Save Money

Lastly, core aeration is a great way to save money on lawn maintenance. While it can seem tedious work, the process can help you avoid costly problems such as soggy spots or dead grass. All in all, core aeration makes sense for any homeowner who wants healthy lawns.

Core Aeration at ALF Lawn & Pest Solutions

At ALF Lawn & Pests Solutions, we provide core aeration services to improve the health of your lawn. Our team knows that each type of soil is unique, so they make every effort to create custom solutions for our clients. To learn more about our services, call us today at 844-369-TURF.

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