Importance of Weed Control and Fertilization


A weed control and fertilization plan is a vital part of keeping your lawn beautiful. Your lawn doesn’t become and stay beautiful with just nature alone. There are hundreds of other competing forces in nature that inhibit healthy lawns, primarily weeds.

Weeds are your most common problem. Weeds take away valuable nutrients from your grass. They are almost parasitic in nature and can quickly take over your yard. Weed prevention is the key here. It’s extremely important that pre-emergents are placed on your lawn to prevent the weed seeds from germinating. The pre-emergents create a barrier that deters the weeds from getting started. Once they start you’re in for a long battle. It takes patience, time, and changes in seasons then next year’s round of pre-emergents to keep them from coming back.

You fertilize because nature alone doesn’t give your lawn what it needs to stay healthy. Even in a weed free lawn, grass depletes the soil of the vital nutrients that it needs just by regular feeding. So you have to replenish the soil every year to keep the soil full of nutrients. Then the grass will stay healthy year after year.

Then even if you do all that right, the soil can become too acidic over time as you feed it with nitrogen through the year. So it’s important that you keep an eye on the PH balance of the soil. As the PH lowers, moss and weeds will try to make a comeback even if you feel you did everything else just right. A lime application once per year will help counteract any reduction in PH levels. The balance lime offers for your PH rounds out a balanced weed and fertilization plan.

Weed control and fertilization go hand in hand. It’s important as well as cost effective to seek out a local expert to help you with your lawn. For more information how ALF can help you visit our website at for more information then give us a call.

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