How to Take Care of Your North Georgia Lawn in the Fall?

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Lawn care is an all-year-round process. However, you must realize that different seasons need different types of care. So, it’s essential to know what things to do when the weather starts changing. Added care might be necessary as fall arrives. The cooler weather means that your lawn will require less watering. For specific grasses, special lawn care may be required for them to go back to life in spring.

Knowing the right way to care for your lawn for the upcoming season will help you give new life to your yard when the warmer weather returns.

5 Autumn Lawn Care Tips from the Experts

Follow these fall lawn care tips to help your North Georgia lawn survive in the colder season.

1. Continue mowing your lawn.

Mowing your lawn during fall is still one of the best ways to maintain its appearance. While you don’t have to mow your lawn during winter, you still need to do it during fall to prevent different problems. Having your grass at a proper height will make sure that your yard receives enough sunlight and nutrients.

If you don’t mow your lawn regularly, you can expect more problems with your yard. For example, long grass may start dying because there isn’t any light coming through them. Also, if your lawn has been overgrown, it won’t receive as much water or fertilizer. When this happens, you might notice that your property doesn’t look good anymore.

2. Remove leaves from your yard.

Leaves on your lawn can cause many problems. First of all, they can attract pests such as mosquitoes. They can also block out the sun and trap moisture. This suffocates your grass because of the lack of airflow. To avoid these problems, leaf removal this fall is crucial for your lawn.

What’s great about fallen leaves is that you can use them for mulching, which allows your lawn to improve soil health and add nutrients. Plus, it will reduce the weeds that grow on your lawn. You can collect these leaves in bags and then compost them.

3. Aerate your lawn.

Another fall lawn care tip for North Georgia homeowners is aeration. Aerating your lawn will give it oxygen and allow air to flow through it. This will help your lawn stay healthier and greener throughout the year.

During the summer, your lawn’s soil can become compacted. When this happens, it makes it hard for your roots to breathe. By aerating your yard, you’ll help loosen up the soil so water and air can easily reach your roots.

4. Apply a pre-emergent.

A pre-emergent is a weed control product that prevents weeds from germinating. Even during cold temperatures like fall and winter, weeds can still grow on your lawn. A pre-emergent will stop those weeds from growing.

5. Fertilize your lawn.

Fertilizing your lawn during fall is another way to help it stay green and healthy. Some homeowners may think they should stop fertilizing during fall because of the cold temperatures. However, your grass will grow until ground temperatures reach 40 degrees or below. The lawn remains active, so it needs to be fed for better growth.

For the Best Autumn Lawn Care, Trust Only ALF Lawn & Pest Solutions!

When it comes to lawn care in the fall, it is best to trust the pros! ALF Lawn & Pest Solutions is committed to providing the best lawn care in autumn and beyond. Our professional lawn care team can take care of your lawn and make sure it survives the colder seasons. Contact us today at 844-366-8873 to get started.

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