Common Residential Pest Control Problems in January


It’s the beginning of a new year! And after the hectic holiday season most of us are questioning how to keep up with those very bold new year’s resolutions we’ve made, or when will I finally be getting all of these decorations down and put away? But after all of the friends, family, and of course food, constantly coming in and out of the door the big question is, what else has made it inside of my home? Believe it or not, January can be a big problem time in the year for unwanted pests! Between the commotion of everyone coming and going, and the freezing cold temperatures outside, it makes a perfect scenario for unwanted critters to invite themselves in. Many pests are looking to shelter in our homes to keep out of the danger that comes along with these frigid temperatures. Here are a few things to look out for during the month of January:

Firewood Bugs

If you have a wood burning fireplace in your home, this could be of big concern! Boxelder bugs, termites, and stink bugs all love hanging out inside firewood. By bringing that wood inside you are incidentally bringing all of them into your home to shelter and reproduce. Which if left untreated, without the correct pest control program, can wreak havoc on your home.


In these winter months, same as most pests, spiders (especially the Brown Recluse) are looking to escape the cold and find shelter inside your home. The size of an entry point in which spiders need to enter the home is very miniscule. So to ensure that you won’t be having an issue with them all winter, it is vital to have the proper pest control program taking preventative measures to protect your home. Spraying any points of entry (windows, doors, etc.) and creating a pesticide barrier between outside and inside is essential.

German Cockroaches

The German Cockroach is the most common infesting roach found in the world. They like to hangout and harbor in small, warm, moist areas, and are almost always brought into the home by means of an outside source. (Groceries, small appliances, boxes, other people unknowingly, etc.) They are most commonly found in the kitchen, behind the fridge, dishwasher, coffee makers, anything with a warm motor where they can lay their eggs and reproduce. It only takes 28 days for German Cockroaches to reproduce from the laying of their eggs, to hatching, making it so easy for them to infest in such large numbers. Having a monthly or quarterly indoor/ outdoor pest control service to treat around these problem areas is very important to ensure preventative measures are being taken to protect your home from the infestation and spread of bacteria and human pathogens of these pests.

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