Common Residential Pest Control Problems in February.


Now that the New Year has come and gone, we all have some time to sit down and think ‘what’s next?’ Taking a minute to ponder on what’s next for your home and how to protect it, especially this time of year, is very important. Many people will ask “Is pest control really necessary in the winter?” The answer is absolutely! When we think of the cold winter months, we usually don’t realize that the middle/end of February in Georgia comes with lengthy periods of frigid temperatures as well as the scattered days of 75-degree weather, which results in unwanted pests searching for ways to get inside to shelter themselves from what mother nature is throwing at us. At ALF Pest Solutions, we are here to help prevent these pests from sharing your home with you! Here are some p to look out for starting in February:


As with most any month throughout the year, cockroaches are going to be problematic for a couple of reasons. Cold temperatures will drive them indoors to find food, water, and shelter, which our homes will provide them with all three. These roaches will come out at night from wherever they’re hiding in your home to scavenge for traces of food. Making sure we do not leave any food sitting around by wiping down our counters, as well as storing pet food in containers with sealed lids will help in reducing the food source for roaches. We also strongly encourage signing up for our monthly or quarterly pest control programs. In doing so, we will be coming and treating the interior and exterior of your home with top of the line products, creating a barrier between your home and the surrounding areas, killing any pests that cross through that barrier.


In these winter months, spiders are looking to escape the cold and find shelter inside your home. One spider that is typical to see this time of year is the Brown Recluse, which is a poisonous spider nobody wants to deal with, especially in your own home. The size of an entry point in which spiders need to enter the home is very miniscule. So, to ensure that you won’t be having an issue with them all winter, it is very important to have the proper pest control program taking preventative measures to protect your home. Spraying any points of entry (windows, doors, etc.) will greatly reduce the risk of seeing them indoors. When signing up for either our monthly or quarterly programs, ALF Pest Solutions also includes going around the perimeter of your home (as well as garage) and taking down any cobwebs that have been made in the corners, and windows.


As February winds down, we are starting to get closer to March and the Spring weather coming in, ants will start to be a problem in and around our homes. Most common this time of year is the Argentine ant. These ants are known for being very small and making big trails in the ways they forage. (Also known as sugar ants, or tracker ants) Leaving out food around the house and not wiping down counter-tops or your sink could easily attract these pests to trail into your home. We at ALF Pest Solutions have multiple pest control programs to help keep unwanted critters out of your home. Give us a call today, so we can work together to find the best program to keep your home pest free!

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