Chart a Course for a Beautiful Lawn

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We get asked all the time what is the number one thing a homeowner can do to get their lawn in good order.  Unfortunately, there is no “Magic Bullet” that we can offer you.  If there was, we certainly would be the only game in town.  At Atlanta Landscape and Fertilization (ALF) we help our clients identify their problem areas.  Once we do, we will help the homeowner (the captain) Chart a Course for a Beautiful Lawn.

  1. I tell people all the time that patience is the most expensive product we provide.  It seems to be the thing that is highest in demand and the least available.  We mine as much of it as we can and place it in our customer service department.  We know if we respond quickly and communicate expectations effectively; we can help you plan a successful course and keep you on track.  We are your first mate on this journey.  We do everything we can to prepare ourselves and help you assert yourself as the captain for the voyage ahead.
  2. You need a good weed control and fertilization plan that fits your needs.  Think of the plan as your cook for the ship.  Without it, your lawn will starve for nutrients and be exposed to weeds.  Our standard plan focuses on getting weeds under control and getting the lawn the essential nutrients to survive.
  3. You also need a good quarter master that preps and looks after the ships maintenance needs.  Routine maintenance by a professional or by you weekly throughout the growing season (May-Oct.) helps tremendously.  It helps keep the weeds establishing a strong root system.  It also trains the lawn to spread and become thicker which further deters the weeds.  A good maintenance person can also double as a good lookout in case there is trouble on the horizon.
  4. Now we are well on our way to our destination of a beautiful lawn, but along the way we’ll always need specialists to help us tackle problems that the maintenance or weed plan can not control.  Highly compacted soil is problematic in new lawns.  We recommend yearly aerations to bust up the compacted soil.  It will allow nutrients and water to reach the root system more effectively.  The same with thatch which is essentially a buildup of debris overtime.  Aeration is also a common cure for this problem.
  5. We have been on our journey for about a years’ time now.  We’ve had a successful voyage so far but it’s time to upgrade the ship and crew a little.  We would recommend at this time you upgrade to our Elite Plan or Golf Course Plan to include extra nitrogens and fungicides.  We want to take preventative measures to insure that summer and winter funguses don’t plague the ship.  We have put a lot of time, effort, and money to get this far into the trip.  It is time to step up our game to ensure a successful voyage.
  6. On a long voyage, the ship will need repairs from the elements and normal wear and tear.  It’s time to bring in another specialist and topdress your yard for an overhaul of the ship before the final leg of the journey.  Topdressing is a process that uses a compost and sand mixture that levels the yard from mowing ruts or adds a layer of topsoil to areas that may be lacking.  It also greatly helps with any lingering compaction issues.  It gives the lawn a nice smooth look.  It is a satisfying upgraded feel to the ship.

Your first voyage is now complete.  You have successfully turned the neighborhood eyesore into the neighborhood envy.  You’re a proud captain and have a proud crew.  With time, good captains chart a new course and set sail again.  There will always be new endeavors for your lawn and obstacles to overcome.  Everyone at ALF is committed to being you first mate every step of the way.  If you need any assistance with you lawn please call us at (844) 369-TURF or (706) 216-1254.

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