6 Best Grass Types for North Georgia Lawns

Recreational area with large lawn

When it comes to having a lush and green yard, planting the right kind of grass is an excellent way to create a beautiful landscape. There are many different types of lawns out there today that can help you achieve your dream lawn. However, not all types of grass are created equal. Some will be better than others in certain situations.

If you’re looking to get started with landscaping or just want to know what type of grass may work best for your home in North Georgia, here’s a list of some of the most popular options available:

1. Bermuda

Bermuda grass is one of the most common varieties used for lawns because it has very low maintenance requirements. It grows quickly, and it doesn’t require much water once established. This kind of grass also tolerates extreme temperatures and high foot traffic, perfect for homeowners who have pets and children.

2. Tall fescue

One of the most popular grasses today, tall fescue is another excellent option for your lawn. Although tall fescue requires more frequent mowing, it still provides good coverage throughout the summer and winter. It works well in dry and wet conditions, making it ideal for homes across North Georgia.

3. Zoysia

Available in various textures, Zoysia grass can withstand drought conditions but still provides plenty of coverage for your yard. Unlike other grasses, it’s dense and doesn’t require frequent mowing. In North Georgia, the weather transitions from hot summers to cold winters, so this grass does well during those times when other grasses struggle.

4. Centipedegrass

Centipede grass is often recommended for those who like to keep their landscapes green and lush. While it requires regular watering during the growing season, it’s extremely easy to maintain when cutting back the grass. Centipedegrass doesn’t require as much, with only 1 inch of water needed each week when it’s actively growing.

5. St. Augustine

St. Augustine grass is one of the most commonly grown types of grass in North Georgia. It thrives in warmer climates and can also thrive in mild winters. This kind of grass needs to be kept watered frequently, especially during the first year after installation. However, it’s still a grass type to consider because it can handle high foot traffic and fight off weed well.

6. Kentucky bluegrass

While not as diverse as the grass mentioned above, Kentucky bluegrass is still worth mentioning as a viable option. This type of grass is known for being resilient and thriving even under harsh conditions. It only requires moderate maintenance to keep it looking green and healthy.

Lawn Care at ALF Lawn & Pest Solutions

Here at ALF Lawn & Pest Solutions, we offer professional lawn care for our clients in North Georgia. Our team is here to help you choose the best kind of grass for your home to ensure that your lawn looks its best all year round! Contact us today at 844-369-TURF to know more about our different lawn care services.

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