5 Lawn Care Tips to Get Your Grass Ready for the North Georgia Winter

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Proper lawn care is a must before and during the winter months. If you don’t take adequate care of your lawn, it can be damaged by the frigid weather, snow, or ice buildup. Your yard will look dull and unkempt with a lot of dead grass. Failing to take proper care of your lawn can also lead to increased weeds, fungus, and diseases.

Here are some tips to make sure your North Georgia lawn survives winter:

1) Invest in weed control.

Weed control is crucial for any type of grass to make it out of winter and spring. Better and properly scheduled weed control before the first snowfall allows your grass to bounce back easily after winter. Weeds can grow quickly if they have access to moisture. They may even spread into other areas of your lawn. Weed control will prevent this from happening.

You’ll want to invest in weed control before winter because the ground isn’t as dry as it would be in summer. Trust an expert like ALF Lawn & Pest Solutions to handle your weeds. We use safe pre-emergent and post-emergent products to kill weeds before they germinate. Our weed control service will keep your lawn looking great all year round.

2) Spread fertilizer.

Fertilizer helps your lawn stay healthy. It provides nutrients that allow your grass to grow properly. To deal with winter woes, hire an expert to handle lawn fertilization right. We will ensure that your grass stays healthy and green. Fertilizing your lawn before the first frost will give your yard an early start on growing back after the cold weather sets in.

3) Avoid too much lawn traffic.

Ice and snow on your lawn will make your grass weaker. They can only tolerate moderate amounts of traffic. Too much traffic can damage your lawn’s root system. Avoid too much lawn traffic during the winter. When you walk on your lawn, try to avoid stepping directly on the grass. Instead, step on the edges of the grass, so you’re not damaging it.

4) Clean up your lawn regularly.

In wintertime, you should clean up your lawn regularly. This includes removing leaves and debris from your lawn. Leaves and debris can cause your grass to become weak. Keeping your lawn free of these things will ensure that your lawn looks nice and healthy.

5) Aerate your lawn.

Aeration is when you dig up small holes in your lawn to increase air circulation. This allows oxygen to reach the roots of your grass. It also helps water drain away from your yard. Aerating your lawn will improve its appearance and health. It will also reduce the chance of fungus and disease spreading through your yard.

You can aerate your lawn by using a spade to create tiny holes in your lawn. Homeowners with bigger lawns can use a motorized aerator to do the job. Either way, aeration is a good idea to keep your lawn looking beautiful throughout the winter.

Core Aeration at ALF Lawn & Pest Solutions

Core aeration will help your lawn recover from the harshness of winter. ALF Lawn & Pest Solutions offers core aeration services to homeowners in North Georgia and nearby communities. Our team of professional contractors guarantees excellent service so that your lawn stays lush and beautiful through the cold months. To know more about our services, call us today at 844-366-8873.

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